What is the The FEN Protector?

For millions of women and men, sitting under a commercial hair dryer is not only time consuming, but also very uncomfortable because of the constant heat around the head area. For many, the hot heat to the face, ears and neck is the price they pay for sitting under a dryer.


Very often the heat from the hair dryer can cause a person’s body to overheat just like being in the sun too long.

The FEN Protector has been tested and proven to protect the Face, Ears and Neck from the hair dryer heat. It is a flexible, lightweight shield that is comfortably worn and easily applied by the salon operator or an a individual at their home. The FEN is an adjustable, one size fits all protective device that will easily fit any user regardless of gender or age.

The FEN is made up of a durable heat resistant plastic designed for long lasting wear and tear. The strap located on the top is an added support to keep the FEN in place while in use.


  1.   Place the FEN Protector around the hairline with the opening in the back.

  2.   Adjust to client's head size by placing the peg in the adjustable size guide.

  3.   If needed, adjust top strap for an even more secure fit.

Over 30% Cooler


degrees under dryer w/o FEN Protector


degrees under dryer w/FEN Protector

"I had a small child under the hair dryer and in just a little while she begin to complain about how hot the heat was, so I put a FEN on her and she sit there and her hair dried without any further complaints.  This is a great product and will help many people feel more comfortable while
sitting under the hair dryer."

 C. Lucas, Beautician

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