This Is How It All Began . . .

I have long thick hair and it takes at least an hour to dry. I was sitting under a hair dryer one day at the salon and I felt that I was about to burn up from the dryer heat. My contacts were drying out, my face, ears and neck was burning, I had heat bumps on my face and neck - I was miserable. I held my hands up to my face shielding that heat from my forehead and my ears and what a relief! The problem was that I couldn’t hold my hands up long because the heat began to burn my hands.


I didn’t like to get hairdos where I had to sit under a hair dryer because of these exact reasons, but this hairdo was for a special occasion and I wanted it to last longer and look a little special. I kept coming from under the dryer because it was unbearable. I would relax and cool off for 3 or 4 minutes and then I would get back under the dryer.

My beautician said, "you got to stay under the dryer if you want your hair to dry. It is going to take you twice as long to get your hair dry." I told her that the dryer heat was hot, so she turned the temp of the dryer down which means it took me much longer for my hair to dry.

I thought, if I could just get something like a rim of a hat to shield my face, ears and neck from this hot heat, it would be wonderful. That is when the FEN was birthed in my head.


I immediately went home and cut off the brim of a hat and tested it. Even though it was cloth and not heat resistant, it made a difference in the heat that I could feel from the hair dryer. From there I got a lawyer to do the patent search. There were no products on the market like the FEN and I continued to obtain a patent, a manufacturer, packaging and a working prototype. I believe this product will protect a lot of people from getting too hot under a hair dryer.

Jacqueline Parker, Inventor/CEO 

"This product will also be great for the elderly that has to sit under a hair dryer to get their hair dried.  I am a former beautician and that is one of the things that we were told in training, watch your elderly clients under the hair dryer so they will not get too hot.  This product is great for shielding the heat off from them."

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